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About Us

Our experience, medical knowledge, and technical expertise, our commitment to and our patients, and our state-of-the-art laboratory facility have given rise to us leaders in lab services.

For our physicians, this means that they can serve you the highest level of medical treatment possible. For our patients, this means a faster recovery to health and the ability to oversee chronic conditions more effectively.

Our Vision

Your Main Lab is a great Lab leading the way. Our vision is to ensure that we can serve our local physicians as well as other clients with a diagnosis. Our lab test services are not only fast and accurate but confidential as well and also affordable priced. We intend to guarantee that we not only fulfill but outperform the expectations of our clients and become the preferred diagnostics center here in Reno Nevada.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of our clients through leadership in the laboratory. As well as, to establish a standard chemical laboratory that in our capacity will favorably compete with leaders in the industry. We want Your Main Lab to be listed amongst the top 20 chemical laboratories in the United States of America.

Our Extensive, state-of-the-art laboratory services

We provide a full range of testing and analysis services in Main Street – Reno Nevada. It includes core laboratory work in domains such as chemistry, hematology, and microbiology, immunochemistry, Coagulation, Diabetic Testing, Therapeutic, Drug Testing, Urine Chemistry, Cardiac Assessments, Tumor Markers, and Thyroid Testing.

Your Main Lab
Our Team

Providing Doctor-Approved Lab Testing & Chemistry Testing At Affordable Prices

The Laboratory Services staff is certified pathologists, all of whom hold post-graduate degrees in diagnostics or pathology. Our qualified pathologists deliver higher-level, complicated diagnostic services.

 The unique design of our laboratory, with its all-in-one computerized, means that our staff works side-by-side with unity. This close interaction and the high level of unity within the team promote great teamwork and accurate analysis. Further, it considerably reduces chances for error and facilitates us to give accurate test results to physicians and their patients instantly.


Providing Doctor-Approved Lab Testing & Chemistry Testing At Affordable Prices!

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