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Frequently Asked Question

How do you comfort patients who have had negative experiences or who may be afraid to have their blood drawn?
It’s quite common for people to have a fear of needles. Especially children and people with negative past experience. Our phlebotomists are experts in creating pleasant experience for people in order to make them comfortable, as it’s a lot easier for a phlebotomists to draw blood if the patient is calm.
How do you prevent a hematoma when drawing blood, and what advice do you give to donors who get hematomas?
Although hematoma might not be life-threatening, it still is painful for patients and donors. It can also cause a deferral for plasma donors until it heals. Phlebotomists can use several techniques to reduce the likelihood of a hematoma forming. Experience levels and training quality varies widely in the industry, so this question can make sure your phlebotomist has a sufficient level of knowledge for your needs.
To what extent can you relocate the needle if you miss the vein?
We can put a man on the moon, so why we can’t put a needle into someone’s vein precisely every time? We’re not guiding a lunar lander through space, that’s why. We’re navigating surgical steel in the dark, relying only on our mind’s eye to sense the exact location of the vein, stop it precisely in the center, and extract blood for testing. And we’re doing it hundreds of thousands of times each year. We only put twelve men on the moon.
How can you protect fainting patients from injury?
Make sure every patient your staff draws is either lying down or seated in a chair with armrests-not sitting upright in their hospital bed, not on exam tables, and not in any chair without side supports. Never leave the patient’s side throughout the procedure in case they pass out and fall forward.
What do you do when the patient expresses shooting pain?
Should the patient express excruciating pain during a venipuncture attempt, even tingling or numbness in the hand or fingers, the draw must be discontinued immediately. Make a second attempt, preferably in a different location. Because these are symptoms of impending nerve injury, any other reaction can bring liability. Especially if the patient is an inhabitant of Earth where they’ll sue for coffee being too hot.
I do not like getting my blood drawn. Will this hurt?
You are not alone – many of our patients are anxious when getting their blood drawn. Our phlebotomists are trained to make your experience comfortable and quick and to help ease your concerns.
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