Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kinds of lab tests now does Your Main Lab perform?

Your Main Lab provides a full-service laboratory to its customers. Practically, here any test is available to you. A wide range of the list of our most common tests is on our website. If you want to get information on lab tests that are not listed, please call our main location in South Virginia St Reno Nevada, (775) 409-3917.

How do I set up your main lab account?

If you want to become Your Main Lab client, you need to complete our online form to get our lab test services.

If I face trouble with website? Who should I contact to order my tests?

You can easily find all the lab test details you need on If you are facing problems with the website, please contact us on our phone at (775) 409-3917.

In Your main lab, do I not need health insurance?

No, we are able to ensure that you do not need any insurance. The tests you order and your lab test results are not sighted on your medical record by any insurance company. But, you are able to share the tests and lab test results with your doctor if you need them.

Do I need a doctor's prescription to get lab testing done?

No, you do not necessarily need a doctor’s prescription. In fact, Your Main Lab offers many of the exact tests that your doctor would order.

How does my doctor determine what lab tests to order?

It will be based on the information that is gathered from your medical history, a recent examination of your health, and your current symptoms. Usually, your doctor will order particular tests that provide additional relevant information about your health to aid in forming a diagnosis.

Do you send bills to your patients?

No. We do not send bills to our patients to keep costs down. Though, we accept payment of your required test at the time of service. We accept numerous payment forms for your convenience that includes cash, check, debit, or credit cards. We do not do any billing.

Is it possible to bill my insurance company myself for lab tests done at your main lab?

We provide you a receipt with the information that you are willing to send a bill to your insurance company. Sometimes, health insurance companies will pay back individuals for health testing. You can contact your insurance company to find out if they will reimburse you after testing, it depends on your Insurance policy and the tests performed.

How do I get my test result reports?

You can easily get your test result reports online.

How do you comfort patients who have had negative experiences or who may be afraid to have their blood drawn?

Our experts create pleasant experiences for people in order to make them comfortable, as it’s a lot easier for a phlebotomist to draw blood if the patient is calm.

Can I order my lab tests myself?

Yes, you can order your lab tests on your own while it is best your physician interpret your lab tests. We can perform any lab test either on you or your Physician’s order.

Does your Main lab perform drug testing?

Yes, we provide urine drug testing services in Your Main Lab.

Where is lab tests administered?

The majority of the testing is done in our lab in Reno Nevada. We work locally. We hire our professionals from Nevada.​

How can you provide low-cost lab test online services?

We do not deal with any private insurance companies or government Insurance policies.

Usually, Insurance companies gain by reimbursing doctors and labs much less than the usual price about 70% less. They charge more to patients without insurance. We eliminate the insurance and the costs of billing and rebilling insurance companies, it saves your money.

Once I have provided the sample what happens to it?

We labeled your sample with your name and one other unique identifier. Then we scrutinize the sample for correct patient identification, sample type, and volume, and then we prepare the collected sample for testing in the laboratory. We transfer the results electronically to physician and patient portals after completion.

How do I add on another test to an order if the sample has been collected for one test?

You may call Your Main Lab and add on the test request.

How Your Main Lab administer the test?

Your main lab administers all the tests via urine or blood samples. It depends on the type of test you ordered.

Does your main lab offer affordable Price tests?

Yes, we have all tests at an affordable price with accuracy and confidentiality of the results.

How long does it take to get my test results? When will it be available?

Most of the tests are completed within 24 to 48 hours. Additionally, some special tests take longer. It is recommended by your physician if your tests fall into any of these categories.

Does Your Main Lab provide me the result(s) understanding?

Yes. Our certified health specialists provide clarification of your lab tests results if needed.

Call us at (775) 409-3917 or use our live chat feature to talk to our professionals.

How to order a blood test without seeing a doctor?

You need to select your test. You can directly access testing through our online lab services.

Do I need to make an appointment at Your Main Lab?

No, Appointments are not required. In your main lab, you do not need any appointments. Just place an order online with us first, to get tested. Afterward, appointments are not needed and you can walk in at any time within the lab’s normal hours of operation.

What do I receive after placing my order?

After placing your order, you receive a confirmation email from your main to log in to your online account.

How soon do I need to visit Your Main Lab, after placing my order?

Immediately! Unless you are taking a test that requires fasting, you can visit the Your Main Lab as soon as you receive your confirmation email- no appointment necessary. If it is required fasting for your test, then you should choose when to begin your fast and visit the lab after the appropriate fasting period. As with every test, there is no appointment necessary.

Is there anything that I need to do before visiting Your Main Lab? Do I need to fast?

Some tests require fasting or avoiding specific foods or drinks before taking samples. You will be informed beforehand if the test(s) you order require any additional measures on your part.

You require complete instructions for your lab tests online before visiting our lab. For instructions call us at (775) 409-3917.

Where I can find sample collection facilities (draw stations)?

We offer mobile sample draw services that allow you to give samples at home and you can also visit our current location in Reno, Nevada. The address, hours of operation, and directions for how to get to our lab are available on this website.

If there is a specific test that you would like to have done that is not currently available online, please contact us at (775) 409-3917.


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